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Bb/F Tenor Trombone J4H

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The ‘J4H’ tenor trombone is based on the model ‘J4’. Only the fourth-valve is different which changes the instrument’s geometry. The valve used is a Hagmann valve, which is characterized by easier air passage and therefore decreased turbulence resulting in improved response and a richer tone. This trombone is right at home in a classical orchestra.

Technical specifications:

Bore: 13.9 mm (or dual bore 13.4 mm/13.9 mm)
Bell: hand-hammered one-piece brass bell with a diameter of 220 mm
Slides: chrome-plated nickel silver inner slides; brass or, alternatively, nickel silver outer slides
Finish: clear lacquer, gold lacquer, silver, gold, glass beads blasted
Ventil: Valve: full-open Hagmann valve, 14.3 mm bore