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Willkommen to the world of brass manufacturing

„Devoted to making musical instruments“
– This is exactly why I started my own business in March 2000 – to make the numerous inspirations I had a reality. A lot of brass instrument manufacturers boast a tradition of a hundred years of experience to their names – with me it is the devotion to details and the passionate commitment to producing truly unique instruments, along with experience, technical skillfulness, practical knowledge and the theoretical foundations of making musical instruments. No journey is too far for trumpets, flugelhorns and trombones from my workshop which travel the world and return the suggestions of professional musicians, whether they specialize in classical music, jazz or folk music. Brass instruments by Josef Gopp are the results of these contributions.


Josef Gopp

German Musical Instrument Award 2011 goes to the Bass Trumpet in C by Josef Gopp

German Musical Instrument Award 2011

The German Musical Instrument Award announced by the ministry of economy and technology for Bass Trumpet in C for the current year was granted to us. We are proud to have won this most coveted award in the musical instrument manufacturing sector, being the reward for our tireless striving for producing perfectly handcrafted masterpieces. Our Trumpet could prevail in categories like craftsmanship, response, intonation and price-performance ratio against notable competitors. April 7th the coveted award was bestowed upon us at a ceremonial act at the Music Exhibition in Frankfurt/Main. During the act Tobias Schiessler played the award-winning instrument.